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With the trend of the growing demands of the semiconductor industry nowadays, Modentic sets up the facilities of producing high purity ball valves and components used in ultra high-purity gas and cooling water delivery systems.

Today Modentic has a dedicated team of engineers working out good solutions for the end users with installation and in-line operation and maintenance. Stainless Steel material could be corroded after orbital welding and even after a long period of use in the pipe line. To extend the service life of the ball valves and components, Modentic does special treatment on the metallic and surface finish to ss316L , the whole process prevents the material from corrosion and rough, this will greatly reduces the cost of maintenance in the future service.

Purge Ports
Compression purge ports are available upstream, downstream, or on both ends of a ball valve.

Final cleaning
ultra pure water is used to clean the ball valves, every UHP ball valve is tested & packed with Nitrogen in the clean room. Each ball valve is heat code traceable.

More than manufacturing, Modentic also works closely with global suppliers in semiconductor field, supporting finished components, such as ferrules, tube fittings, needle valves, Modentic also does customized items inquired for special applications,thus can help customers purchase at whole package for the pipelines.